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xaia or xai. nineteen. she/her prns. black. demisexual. diet coder. haechan lovebot.
before you follow there are times i may be inactive due to being on other accounts and what not. i tweet about my faves + fashion mainly.
do not interact if -18. defend your faves no matter what. anti any of my faves. hardcore stan. are a solo stan/akgae. take everything i say seriously when it comes to this kpop stuff.


f(x). shinee. 2ne1. wonder girls. exo. nct. red velvet. itzy. sf9. stayc. ive. aespa. lesserafim. new jeans.


nct haechan. taeil. doyoung. mark. jaehyun. taeyong. ive liz. wonyoung. aespa ningning. rv seulgi. yeri. joy. exo baeksoo. lsf chaewon. kazuka. yunjin.


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